Welcome to Puri Purnama Villa

Villa Puri Purnama is a brand new luxury beachfront villa situated on Cucukan`s glittering black and beach. The breathtaking views afforded by this location span from the majestic Gunung Agung across the ocean to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, the over the rice paddies of Gianyar and even offer a glimpse of the sun setting over the western reaches of Bali.

In the upstairs bale, the breeze gently flows across the ocean and whether you are taking breakfast, enjoying an afternoon massage of sunset drinks, you can lounge in comfortable temperature all year round.

Each of the 3 bedrooms are equipped with TV, DVD player and a full range of satellite television channels. All benefit from en-suite bathrooms. Bedroom is is set in the guest cottage, separate from the main house, generously proportioned, the suite also enjoys fantastic views across the ocean. The master bedroom on the first floor of the main house benefits from ocean views from both the bedrooms and the en-suite marble bathrooms.

The villa has been designed to incorporate “disabled friendly” features. The downstairs bedroom in the main house benefits from easy access for wheelchairs to both the room itself and the bathroom, and also a second for a helper if required. In the few instances on the ground floor of the house where there are steps required for assess. A ramp is provided

You will be served and looked after by the team of seven staff and a villa manager. The in-house cook prepares mouthwatering meals from region across the archipelago and a professional chef available free of charge should you require a special meal or dinner party to be prepared for you. Food is charged to you at the cost price of the ingredients, which your housekeeper will be more than happy to buy for your

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