Resources for Your Bali Holiday

1.  GIANYAR BALI.  Villa Puri Purnama is situated on the beach in the beautiful. Balinese oceanfront village of Cucukan.  Cucukan Village is situated directly across the highway from the famous Bali Safari and Marine Park.

2.  KERAMAS BEACH BALI.   Villa Puri Purnama is only 700m north of this world-famous surf beach.

3.  CUCUKAN BALI.  This picturesque, traditional, oceanfront Balinese Village is situated 20 minutes north of Sanur and 750 metres north of Keramas Beach.

4.  BALI SAFARI AND MARINE PARK.  This world-class Safari and Marine Park is only 3 minutes’ walk from Villa Puri Purnama.  Enjoy the animals, Safari Rides, the restaurants and the fabulous AGUNG show!

5.  WEDDINGS BALI.  Villa Puri Purnama is a picture-perfect, oceanfront venue for a wedding of up to 50 guests.  It is a photographer’s dream not only at the Villa and on the beach but around this traditional Balinese village.

6.  SURFING BALI.   Here at Villa Puri Purnama, Cucukan, Giyanyar, you can surf right in front of the Villa or travel a few minutes up the beach to the world-famous Keramas Beach.

7.  FISHING BALI.  Fantastic fishing is available here in Cucukan.  You can rent one of the colourful, local fishing boats with fishing gear and local fishing guide included for a great morning’s fishing.  Take your camera too because the views back to the coast are truly amazing!

8.  SWIMMING BALI.  Aside from our beautiful pool and jacuzzi, be tempted by the tropical waters of the sea in front of the Villa!

9. SNORKELLING BALI Adventure.  Explore the reef in front of Villa Puri Purnama and travel 20 minutes to Padang Bai where world-class snorkelling and scuba diving are to be found!

10. SCUBA DIVING BALI.  Padang Bai is only 20 minutes north of Villa Puri Purnama.  This world-famous diving is easily reached from Villa Puri Purnama.

11.  BEACHFRONT VILLA BALI.  Villa Puri Purnama is situated directly on the beach in the picturesque, traditional Balinese village of Cucukan.

12.  BEACHFRONT B & B BALI (bed and breakfast).  Stay three days or three weeks here in any one of our three beautiful bedrooms.  Enjoy traditional Balinese and Indonesian dishes as well as a great selection of European food.  Fresh fish, direct from the fishing boats (which you can see from your own bedroom) is one of our specialities!

13.  DISABLED PERSONS’ ACCOMMODATION BALI.  Villa Puri Purnama has two bedrooms suitable for vacations for people with physical disabilities and their carers. Our kind and caring staff are here 24 hours a day.

14.  BOUTIQUE BEACHFRONT GUEST HOUSE.  Come and stay for 3 days or 3 weeks.  Our beautiful guest house opens directly to panoramic views of the ocean and islands.  Sheer heaven!

15.  BEACHFRONT GUEST HOUSE BALI.  Come and stay with us for 3 days or 3 weeks.  Our beautiful guest house opens directly to panoramic views of the ocean and islands.  Sheer heaven!

16.  COSMETIC SURGERY RECOUPERATION IN BALI.  Bali is fast becoming a destination for cosmetic surgery and recouperation.  Recouperate at our beautiful, oceanfront villa, looked after by attentive and caring staff.  No prying eyes here, just pampering, rest and luxury, all in the seclusion of this picturesque, oceanfront Balinese village!  A fabulous new Day Spa has opened only metres from Villa Puri Purnama so combine your cosmetic surgery recouperation with loads of luxury and pampering and great food!!

17.  SEAFOOD IN BALI.  The most famous seafood/fishing village in Bali (Pantai Lebih) is directly next to Cucukan.  Enjoy the large and extremely fresh variety of beautiful seafood, including fish, lobster and prawns.  It will be brought to the Villa so you can purchase exactly what you want cooked  here in Villa Puri Purnama!

18.  JEGHIER ARCHITECTS.  This well-known and well-established firm of architects designed Villa Puri Purnama.

19. SANUR BALI.  Villa Puri Purnama is situated in the picturesque, oceanfront, traditional Balinese village of Cucukan, only 15 to 20 minutes north of Sanur. on the new highway.
Enjoy all the restaurants, shopping and nightlife of popular Sanur while staying in the beauty, luxury and serenity of Villa Puri Purnama!

21. Bali Bus and Car Rental Service by

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